Emma Swan + Graham and Neal dying in her arms parallel {requested by wakeinthemornin}


Noragami’sNoraneko" Neko-Chibi April Fool’s Blue-ray & DVD surprise preview! check out the official site for more Noraneko~~~


based off of this

Kagami seems like the type that sings when he’s alone tbh

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and i was crying alone tonight / and i’ve been wasting all of my life just thinking about you / so just come back we’ll make it better / so just come back i’ll make it / better than it ever was [?]

30 day Fairy Tail challenge »  Day 10 [3/4]: couples that you support
— Jellal & Erza [dedicated to Anna]

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"Just as I thought, I can't be saved anymore, right?"
you were the best king we could ask for. Submit